RiverHawks recognized by WBCA for 2018-19 Academic Team Honor Rolls

RiverHawks recognized by WBCA for 2018-19 Academic Team Honor Rolls

Congratulations to Coach Stricklin and the UCC women's basketball team. The team was recently recognized by the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) for its performance in the classroom.

The Lady RiverHawks finished with a 3.393 grade point average (GPA), which was good enough for the #8 ranking in the WBCA Top 25 Team Honor Roll. Although the team ranked higher last year at #6, which was the highest ranking in the program's history, the team's overall GPA was actually .019 higher than last year's team.

The WBCA Academic Top 25 recognizes NCAA Division I, II, and III, NAIA and two-year GPAs inclusive of all student-athletes on their rosters for the entire season. The 2018-19 season is the 24th in which the WBCA has compiled the honor rolls.

"The WBCA is pleased to recognize those women's basketball programs that have committed themselves to excellence on the court and in the classroom," WBCA Executive Director Danielle Donehew said. "The 117 teams we honor this year strive to achieve all-around success and we commend their efforts. Congratulations!"


Here are the 2018-19 WBCA Academic Top 25 Team Honor Rolls  for two-year colleges:

1 Snow College Mike Russell 3.712
2 Northwest Mississippi Community College Don Edwards 3.700
3 Miles Community College Nate Vogel 3.677
4 Frank Phillips College Eric Rodewald 3.629
5 South Georgia Technical College James Frey 3.519
6 Dodge City Community College Zach Loll 3.517
7 Neosho County Community College JJ Davis 3.453
8 Umpqua Community College Dave Stricklin 3.393
9 John Wood Community College Norman Rodriguez 3.385
10 Northeastern Junior College David Huss 3.341
11 Hill College Scott Hyland 3.247
12 Ventura College Ned Mircetic 3.155
13 Central Maine Community College Andrew Morong 3.144
14 Kankakee Community Colege Donnie Denson 3.136
15 Sweard County Community College Austin Mefford 3.114
16 Gulf Coast State College Mary Scovel 3.075
17 Dawson Community College Romeo Lagmey 3.044

*Note: There wqere only 17 institutions eligible for nomination in the two-year college division.


A team's GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) earned by the total number of academic hours attempted by all team members in the academic terms that the season spans. The GPAs are rounded to the nearest thousandth of a point. Teams are nominated for the honor by the WBCA member head coach. A team must have a 3.000 or better GPA to be nominated.



Source: https://wbca.org/about/press-releases/wbca-announces-2018-19-academic-top-25-team-honor-rolls